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  1. Remember a short list: Everything you have experienced from birth until now is in your memory.  And everything is remembered in pictures.  You recall experiences as they are triggered.  So in order to recall something at will, it must be pictured into memory and hooked to something that will trigger it.  The Billy Burden Memory Master Method makes use of mental hooks to which to hook something for easy recall.  But if you don't know the Memory System you can still devise a way to hook an item to something that is already in your memory such as the rooms of your house.  So if there are 10 rooms in your house, and you wanted to remember 10 items, picture each item in a prominent place in each room.  Then take a mental journey through your house recalling each item along the way.  This would work very well for remembering the notes of a speech, a grocery list, or any other short list.

  2. Lock a term to a definition: When you are trying to remember terms and definitions for a test, try this: picture the term and the definition together.  For example: Semantic Noise - anything about a speaker that is distracting to the audience.  First turn Semantic Noise into a picture- see man tick.  Now see a man (speaker) with a tick on his upper lip, howling at the pain of the bite; and that's keeping the audience from hearing his speech.  Note that semantic noise can't usually be heard.  Just seeing the tick on his upper lip will distract the audience from getting his message.   Example two: Plagiarism - That's when you use someone's quote as if it were your own.  First turn Plagiarism into a picture- play jar prison.  I'm going to lock you up in this play jar prison because you stole my joke.

  3. The Displacement Theory: What if you think of something in the night and don't want to get up and write it down?  You can use the displacement theory to recall it easily in the morning.  First knock something out of place that you will see immediately upon awakening.  Knock the lamp off of the night stand (I mean carefully lay it down).  Turn the alarm clock upside down.  Put your shoes on your wife's pillow. (she'll make sure you see them in the morning).  Second associate whatever it is that you want to remember with the item that is knocked out of place.  You just have to turn whatever it is you want to remember into a picture if it doesn't make one already.  If it's a sentence or quote just use reminder words.  Then when you get up in the morning, you will see the item out of place.  You may wonder for only a moment what happened, then you will instantly recall the picture you associated with that item.

  4. More later...

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For highly intelligent "Thinkers" only

Your mission, should you decide to accept, is to fill in the number squares so that every "bingo" equals 777 and no number is used twice.  You are given three bingos to get you started.  The Billy Burden Memory Master Method will give you a way to do this with any number, quickly and easily, as if you were a Mathematical Genius.  Go to Memory Techniques to examine and purchase a complete course.
  • Highlight and Print out the grid.
  • Fill in the lettered boxes with your choice numbers.
  • Scan it into your computer, or take a digital picture, and save to "My Pictures."
  • Insert it into e-mail as a picture and send it back to me.
  • Or send me a list of your choice numbers along with the corresponding letter for each.
If you can do this without the use of a computer, let me know what your method is.  I do it in my head with the use of math and memory.  You can too with the Billy Burden Memory Master Method.  If you accomplish this in any way, and your numbers match mine, let me know.