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On October 28th of 1979 my wife and I gave our hearts to God.  About two weeks later we were invited to attend a Positive Thinking Rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center along with the Outreach Minister and his wife.  Let's just call them Mr. and Mrs. JB.

Positive Thinking was right up my alley; for my wife and I had just joined the Amway Business, and I was learning that I could do something with my life.  I didn't have to remain the backwoods country boy I had grown up to be.  It was possible for me to change and become somebody.

Up to this point in my life, age 24, I was like Country Bumpkin come to town.  My greatest aspiration had been to own my own go-kart track.  Mr. JB had taught me how to tie a necktie and wear dress clothes to church instead of my dirty ragged jeans.   So we attended this Positive Thinking Rally.

We listened to Motivational Speakers like Zig Ziglar, Dennis Waitley, Norman Vincent Peale, and others.  Then it was Billy Burden's turn to speak.  He was the Memory Master.  Coming into the Convention Center he had met 100 people, locked their names into memory, and gave them his business card.

As he walked up onto the stage, he had everyone stand to whom he had given a business card and a reserved seat near the front.  Then he proceeded to give them back their names without missing a one.

Mr. JB was so impressed with that, and with all the Memory Techniques Billy Burden had talked about.  He wanted to get one of the Memory Courses and begin learning immediately so he could remember the names of everyone who came into the church.

I was still a bit too ignorant to be impressed.  Maybe the go-kart track still held more attraction to me.  I probably knew about a dozen people and I didn't have any trouble remembering their names.

The Memory Course cost $120.00 and Mr. JB wanted one.  But he didn't want to spend that much, so he asked me if I'd go halves with him.  I had not yet developed the ability to say "No" so I said, "Okay."

Mr. JB took the Memory Course home, copied the tapes and all the printed material, kept the copies for himself, and gave me the originals.

Now, when I pay $60.00 for something, I'm at least going to examine it to see what I bought.  I listened to the first cassette tape, and I was immediately fascinated.  In about 30 minutes I had learned the first 50 mental hooks and I was locking things into memory right and left.

In a short time I could do everything with the Memory Techniques that Billy Burden could do.  And I adapted them to suit my own needs.  I had already moved on past Country Bumpkin, got a GED Diploma, and was attending college.

I "aced" everything in college and graduated with high honors because I had Memory Techniques.  Professors would excuse me from taking tests and final exams at times saying, "You'll just get another "A," and an "F" wouldn't hurt your grade point average.

Four years after that Positive Thinking Rally, I wrote to Billy Burden and told him what I had been doing with his Memory Techniques and how I had adapted them to suit my needs.  He invited my wife and me to come to Clearwater, Florida and attend a Memory Training Seminar.  It cost $500.00 per person to attend; but for us it was free.

At that seminar I helped Billy Burden do memory demonstrations, and I gave a little talk on Student Memory.  And I became a distributor for the Billy Burden Memory Master Method cassette tape course.

In a short time I had developed my own strategy for teaching people the Memory Techniques.  Now I'm 51 years old, and I have used and taught Memory Techniques for 27 years.  I have given them away in some cases, I have sold many Memory Courses, and I have developed my own specialty, memorizing long documents of History and Scripture.  (see the Available Presentations page)  I memorize at the rate of 1000 words per hour.

Memory Techniques aren't for everyone.  My wife never learned the techniques, and Mr. JB never did anything with his Memory Course.  I didn't teach my kids the techniques; but I showed my two daughters strategies for remembering that kept them "A" students all the way through school.

On this site you will be able to find a way to purchase the complete Memory Course.  You will be able to meet the Trainer, Wes Allen, and set up a Training Session.  And you will be able to get Tips for Remembering.

Billy Burden is long gone.  Patrick Henry owns the copyrights to the Billy Burden Memory Master Method.  And I teach the Memory Techniques, and sell the courses.  Explore this site and let me know what you Would like to do with Memory Techniques.